After contract paperwork has been signed, deposit has been paid and finance has been approved our construction team prepare all the paperwork required to obtain Council/Certifier approval, it can take between 3 & 5 days to prepare.

Council approval / selection process  

Council/Certifier approvals, generally take between three or four weeks to approve, if any relaxations are required Begbie Bentham Design & Build will advise of how long this may take.


During the approval stage, our colour and specification consultant will contact you to commence the selection process, we will make appointments for you, with our selected suppliers, colour consultant and our office manager will help you along the way.

Our colour consultant will arrange to meet you in our office to select and confirm colours and inclusions.

Once colours and inclusions have been approved by yourself and council has delivered building and plumbing approval this will be sent to our construction team as ready to build.


Below is a general guide to the different stages of house construction, every house we build is different, however, for example we may be also building your pool, landscaping or your house may bay on stumps so the stages may vary at times.

Stage 1 – Preparation of block ready to commence construction
Stage 2  -  Installation of footings and underground drainage and electrical connection
Stage 3 – Installation of base
Stage 4 – Frame stage (frame and trusses)
Stage 5 – Installation of External windows/doors/brickwork & cladding
Stage 6 – Installation of internal linings
Stage 7 – Installation of internal doors and trim/ installation of kitchen and vanities/installation of wet area tiling
Stage 8 – Practical completion – At this stage the house is generally complete except for minor trade touch ups
Stage 9 – Handover – this is the day you have been waiting for, handover day, is generally a formality, as we have kept in contact with you, during construction and especially so, between practical completion and handover stage.